Fly By Dubai

Dubai, is it the immigrants who made Dubai or did Dubai become its immigrants? As a malayalee we have at least one uncle or brother or second cousin who is in Dubai. And who hasn’t seen the stickers of Fly Buy Dubai stuck on the side of  old suitcases, so if the opportunity to explore Dubai presents itself why wouldn’t the malayalee want to see the land of gold.

We were flying to the US via Dubai and had a layover of 8 hrs. The airline offered us the oh! so convenient 36 hrs visa. Why sleep at 2 am when you can sleep when you are dead, we got us a car and a driver, a malu chetan who doubled as our 2hr night Dubai safari from the malayalees point of view.
So along with seeing Palm Jumeira and Burj Khalifa we also know where Mohan Lal has a flat and where so and so movie was shot. We covered the must see attractions of Dubai in the next 2 hrs without having the hazzle of traffic. The only downside was that my point and shoot camera could not capture the majestic Burj Khalifa or the Palm. But it is one memory that I will file away and cherish of how I saw Dubai the unconventional way.
Till then waiting for my next trip to Dubai.

2 thoughts on “Fly By Dubai

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