Kitesurfing in India: The new Adventure

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Kite surfing, also known as kite boarding, is a water sport of riding on a surfboard while holding on a specially designed kite, using the wind as a means of propulsion. Once the kite is up, the surfer puts his or her surfing board on the water surface and the kite pulls them. This exciting extreme sport is for which the adventurous and courageous are crazy about. India is a good place to enjoy kite surfing. A few places in this country provide a good water surface for the sport as the weather favors these coastal regions. If you want to have a superb and unforgettable experience of kite surfing in India then these places are perfect for that

Morjim Beach, Goa

Aguada Fort Goa
Aguada Fort Goa

This is the best place for kite surfing in Goa alongside Ashwem and Arambol. It is a great spot and a cheap one too but you have to get your time right for the best and enjoyable experience in kite surfing. The best time for this sport is mostly in the afternoon and sometimes in the evening when the water currents are low. To make it even better, there are kite surfing lessons offered by various institutes such as the GUSTYKITE Goa Kitesurf School, which is suitable for people of all ages. The wind speed in this region is 15-20 knots on average which is ideal for learning kite surfing.

Gorai Beach, Mumbai

Beach @ Mumbai
Beach @ Mumbai

The Gorai beach in Mumbai is another ideal spot for kite surfing. The beach offers favourable wind conditions that are perfect for wind surfing. The Mandwa beach which is approximately 16 Km away from Mumbai is also a good place to enjoy this extreme sport. Another location 150 Km away from Mumbai is the Murud-Janjira Fort, in which the first kite surfing contest was held on 25th May 2013. The Fort is enclosed by the sea on all sides.


Panchgani, Maharashtra
Panchgani, Maharashtra

With an elegant hill station incorporated with hiking spots and amazing natural beauties,  Panchgani has definitely become an adventure hot spot. And if crazy for kite surfing, then Hotel Ravine is the place you would rather be. It has a very large open space, clear landing locations and also perfect wind speeds for surfing. The south-western winds give the appropriate wind strength for kite boarding. The surfing site is a 30 minute drive from the hotel and takes you through impressive routes. The ideal time for this sport is during the afternoon as the wind picks itself from them until sunset. The stations easy accessibility from Mumbai makes it a good site to enjoy surfing especially for the holiday goers.


Beach near Bangalore
Beach near Bangalore

Besides being a major tourist attraction and an important metro city in the south of India. Bangalore city has many beaches which offer kite surfing with various schools also offering lessons along with instructors. This is an ideal place to kite surf for people who plan to take a vacation in Bangalore.

Kovalam beach, Kerala

Kovalam, Kerala
Kovalam, Kerala

The Kovalam beach along with other beaches in Kerala, is one of the best places to experience and definitely enjoy kite surfing in India. The best time to visit the place is during September to May.

With these ideal sites, you are guaranteed to have a splendid Kite surfing experience in India. For those applying for Indian visas, don’t forget to checklist the passport, two identical recent passport sized photographs and an online filled application form.

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Stacy Eva

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