Across Canada with a Bump – Toronto in a day

Toronto in A Day

This is part of a series of posts about four beautiful cities in Canada which I visited when I was in a beautiful stage in life, pregnant with my baby. These posts chronicle my trip from Niagara Falls to Toronto to Montreal and onward to the quaint Quebec City.

Toronto was the next stop of our great Canadian Odyssey which we later dubbed as our Babymoon.  Toronto has close family whom we could visit, which meant home cooked meals for my pregnant cravings and that itself was a big highlight of my trip. I could suddenly not handle food without spice, I craved spice. In-fact I drowned any food with pepper or sriracha sauce. We had one day for  seeing Toronto which we had to utilize as best as we could.

The first thing that strikes a visitor in Toronto is the amazing skyline of Toronto city where the CN Tower lords over the rest of the buildings. Before Dubai won the race for the tallest building, CN Tower retained the  honor of being the tallest building in the world. The  pressure difference while going up the tower is almost alarming. There is an observatory on top of the tower where enthusiasts can experience a Skywalk while tied to a harness. My excuse for not doing the Skywalk is pregnancy and not because I was  chicken. The CN Tower offers an all encompassing view of Toronto city and the Great Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario was a revelation as it dwarfed any lake or pond that I had previously seen. If I didn’t know any better I would have called it a sea.

In the midst of the concrete marvels of the city, is Toronto’s Historic District which boasts a happening and chic Distillery District. The Distillery District has fashion houses, designers, dance studios, bakeries, restaurants and chocolate shops. If there, do visit Soma Chocolate Maker. They have amazing Mayan chocolates which were spicy drinks that the Mayans drank. The Mayans were the pioneers of chocolate and would most probably pooh pooh chocolate in the present form. The restaurants at Distillery District were full of life and laughter with different flavors of beer on tap.

Here is a Photoessay with the highlights of Toronto city.

Toronto CN Tower
Toronto CN Tower
I Spy a Tower in my Eye
I Spy a Tower in my Eye
The City of Toronto
The City of Toronto from CN Tower
Look a car!
Distillery District
Distillery District
Fine Whiskey
Gooderham & Worts Fine Whiskey
Malt Kilns
Malt Kilns- Originally used for drying germinated grains.
Buildings modified as studios and stores
Buildings modified as studios and stores
Old Factories new uses
Old Factories new inhabitants
Dance Studios
Dance Studios @ Distillery District

Photographs are copyrighted and credited to Razor Rasu.

5 thoughts on “Across Canada with a Bump – Toronto in a day

  1. Great that you took in the modern (CN Tower) and the old heritage site of the Distillery area –now part mini museum, shopping and condo district area with preserved cobblestone streets. (I love that …and those signs.)

    Did you go to St. Lawrence Market? Yes, 1 day is super short for a big, dynamic and highly multicultural/racial city.


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