Dosa on a crisp New York Morning

The Dosa Man is one of the most interesting people I have met during my travels. When I found his story online, I thought that I must share it. Having dosa at his cart with a group of amazing friends while being regaled with his stories will always be a special New York Moment for me.

The Dosa Man sets up his vegan dosa cart in front of New York University and doles out crisp dosa’s. He has a penchant for entertaining his customers while making a perfect masala dosa or regular dosa’s. He also serves chai and somasa’s on his cart. The dosa man gets his batter just right even in cold winters which is a serious achievement. He has put this simple south Indian and Sri Lankan breakfast on the map and is quite popular in and around NYU.

He talks about his former life in Jaffna where he sea dived and explored caves to his journey to the US and his New York dream. Thiru Kumar popularly known as the dosa man is still an avid traveller and changes his Facebook and Twitter status when he is away on his travels. His regulars promptly return when he gets back and changes his online status to ‘at the park today’. His patrons include vegans, Indians, Sri Lankans, NYU students and local New Yorkers, he also has an international following in places like Tokya. His silver dosa cart which has even water to wash your hands with which something not seen on other food carts in New York. His dosa cart is plastered with awards and mentions of the dosa man in various publications. The dosa man is a good place to stop by if you are homesick and having a serious hankering from some wholesome south Indian food.

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