Finding the Quirk in Quebec City

Quebec City was the last stop on our Babymoon to Canada. It was almost like we had saved the best for the last.  The city and its people were a mix of old world charm and quirkiness, it offered us surprises at every turn.

I travel the same way I pick up a new book, I read the back cover and a few lines of the introduction and if it interests me I commit myself to it. I rarely research about a place I am about to go to or ask around for advice. When we travel as a family we pick a place that catches our fancy based on a few excerpts or a stray remark and book our tickets. It is usually only after we check in at the hotel that we try to figure out a rough itinerary for the trip. We have rarely meticulously planned out a trip and this always leaves room for our destination to surprise us. The beauty and secrets of Quebec City were all the more fabulous because we didn’t have any preconceived idea of what to except from this Canadian city.

We chose to travel by train as I was expecting and wanted a comfortable journey. I was at a sweet spot in my pregnancy called the second trimester where a lady can think of traveling without the nausea of the first trimester and the fatigue that comes with the third. We had booked a quaint bed and breakfast called Le Clois Saint-Loius. Hotel Le Clois was a charming renovated Victorian hotel which promised to be a get away for lovers and so it was. The decor, the personal attention and the vintage furniture gave the place a lot of character and romance.

Staying in the old city of Quebec was romantic in itself with the small shops, restaurants and cobbled streets to take a stroll on. The streets in the upper town of Quebec city all lead to the formidable Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac which is a historic hotel. The view from the Chateau Frontenac is that of the wide river of St Lawrence where cruise ships are a common sight. The streets of Quebec City have many quirks and surprises that spring up at every corner. The shop that sells Native American crafts and artifacts or the store La Boutique de Noel that keeps Christmas alive throughout the year are just a few of the quirkiest things to see in Quebec City.

The view from upper town of Quebec City is amazing and what makes it more worthwhile is the lovely secret of the lower town of Quebec City that lies hidden beneath. The lower town of Quebec has its own fun vibe throughout its narrow streets lined with french restaurants. The lower town is older and forms the first settlement in the historical Quebec City.There are street musicians and murals on buildings, fun little stores and tiny cafes. The place is completely filled with music, history and life where you can unwind and let the city and its vibe soak into you. Quebec City cannot be written about it really needs to be experienced, it remains one of the most romantic destinations I have been to.

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