Finding Flamingos in Lake Nakuru

Going to Lake Nakuru was a windfall in our trip to Kenya as we decided on going there just two days before the trip. Sure it meant a longer time on the road but I kind of enjoy my time on the road and so does my toddler, who given a chance would forfeit living in houses and hotels. Lake Nakuru was our first safari in Kenya alongwith Lake Naivasha and the enchanting Masai Mara.

Flamingos at Lake Nakuru

These long legged social birds live in large flocks and had almost left Lake Nakuru according to our safari guide. The lake has also expanded due to recent rains in the process submerging many acacia trees which were previously on land. The lake is also home to some of the big cats but they can easily take cover in the trees unlike the Masai Mara were the grass is their only cover. At these reserves it is very interesting to see the manner in which different species coexist harmoniously. It is only man that disrupts this balance.

A Bird Paradise

Lake Nakuru is a salt water lake and has an abundance of wildlife. We spotted the white rhino in the reserve around Lake Nakuru along with zebras, buffaloes, etc. The lake though is famous as a paradise for flamingos who love to breed near salt water lakes. Flamingos are primarily filter feeders and need fresh water to drink. In the video below, our guide explains the flamingos feeding habits, though I haven’t found any other sources confirming this. Also the video was not taken in order to publish and is amateurish at best but it offers a slice of Kenya which is truely magical.

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