21 Signs That You Have Turned 30

Turning 30 seems to be the new turning point for family and career and social media seems to agree, with a host of articles and listicles on Things To Do Before You Turn 30, Things To Do After You Turn 30, Things That Could Be Thrown At You For Turning 30… the possibilities are endless. This got me thinking to the first time I realized I am turning older and quickly realized that there is no one defining moment that decides that you are older, but it comes in small and consistent messages.

Here are 21 signs to look out for that you might be growing older and high time you embrace it.

1.When your nostalgia is 20 years old and includes memories of Gold Spot and black and white TV sets.

2.When you cannot wrap your head around emerging styles and spikes on the hair.

3.When all your selfies include your kids.

4.When neighborhood kids start calling you aunty or uncle without invitation.

5.When you catch yourself reprimanding neighbourhood kids for playing cricket.

6.When your relationship status with antacids changes from once in a while to together for the long run.

7.When you don’t think twice before cleaning drain hair which you found disgusting as a teen.

8.When the tables turn and you start nagging others for cleaning the house.

9.When exercising means walking around the block four times.

10.When you start picking faults with DDLJ and start thinking, in which age did they live in.

11.When you can no longer safely call others aunty or uncle unless they are really old or don’t really care.

12.When you only vaguely remember Akshay Kumar with body hair.

13.When you had happily forgotten all about Algebra but now its time to teach the kids.

14.When you can no longer tell the irritating door to door sales people, ‘Mummy nahi hai‘.

15.When you can’t recollect the last time you received money from your Grandparents.

16.When house parties can only start after putting the kids to bed.

17.When you start gifting friends useful gifts instead of the Rs.100 laughing Buddha.

18.When your wardrobe needs constant updates to accommodate changing waistlines.

19.When you can count on your fingers the number of single friends you have.

20.When you suddenly get a spate of wedding invitations from the last of the single friends before they enter the glorious third decade.

21.When you start making friends depending on whether they have kids and can have play dates with your kid.

Author’s Note: This post is by no means indicative of the author’s age or of her suddenly realizing that she is reaching any sort of age milestone. Readers are requested to refrain from speculating about the author’s age. This post was originally published at Womensweb.in here.


6 thoughts on “21 Signs That You Have Turned 30

  1. Hahaha! I found the disclaimer most amusing!! 🙂 🙂 It made me think in that direction, when I never thought of it while reading the post. 😛
    BTW, I turned 30 recently and while I find the lists ‘of things to do before/after xxx’ totally kiddish, I do feel like it was a defining time of my life. Maybe it was the lists taking a toll on me which got me thinking so much. But, overall, I found the thought-process useful. You may like to read my thoughts on it.


  2. Actually I have more child-free women friends than those who have children. It just happened Anju.
    And will be..um…57 next yr.

    I’m not sure if people a work, know that I’m at grandmother’s age. I think they suspect I’ve been around but uncertain where exactly in the age bracket I fit in.
    But seriously I’ve had more single unattached friends than married for most of my life. Sadly the few married friends, 2 of them are divorced now.


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