Weekend Camping Near Bangalore – A Do Nothing Farm Vacation

I recently brushed off the last of the dust from our weekend camping trip to a farm in Mandya district near Bangalore. Hence I am writing this post when the euphoria is still fresh. This was a trip I had my eye on for quite a while because it had been a while since I had taken a nap under a mango tree or seen the naked stars in the sky!

A common question I hear from friends when asking about a trip is, ‘So, what is there to do?’ The truth is that if you are outdoors one does not need to manufacture anything to do or make packed itineraries because life happens. Here is what we did at the farm for not one but two days ( we ended up extending our stay). We drove into the farm after night had fallen (which is not advised as one needs to acclimatize at a camp) and got over fear of the dark as the people were genuine and friendly. We drank fresh cows milk right after it was milked and realized the difference first hand.

Sat around the bonfire and looked at the wilderness and talked to each other instead of at each other. Ate delicious barbecue right off the bon fire followed by a healthy and rustic dinner. Slept in a tent with a very excited toddler. Woke up the next morning to ducks quacking, chickens walking around and the ‘usual’ sights and sounds of rural farm life. Found duck eggs near the pond, made friends with a kitten and a puppy.

Met a chicken who had adopted ducklings as her own and waited for them at the bank as they took a swim in the pond. Rubbed a kitten’s belly who had taken it upon himself to protect the farm. Heard an elephant’s trumpet from the forest. Tasted some smashing dishes in which the masalas were ground by the village women nearby. Fed the hungry ducks their breakfast, read a book on a hammock and promptly went off to sleep. Decided to stay another day.

Woke up at the crack of dawn and watched the sun rise over the mountains, walked through lush farms in a small hamlet. Set off on a trek with a supportive toddler who climbed with us for 3 hours with short bursts of carrying him. Sipped endless glasses of lemon juice, heard farm stories and exchanged tales. What we did not do was bathe (though they have common toilets and running water but who has the time right) or get bored.

Photographs credited to Razor Rasu. This is a farm 90 kms from Bangalore near Kanchanahalli village, for more details head to Linger – Do Nothing Vacations. 

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