Things Some Tourists Say That Make Me Mad

This post is written in absolute angst. These are some things that I have actually heard and have had to process in my brain, such a waste of neural energy!

I have heard some ignorant remarks from certain tourists which have rubbed me in all sorts of wrong sides. I am presenting some of the select few here for your reading pleasure.

Sambhar in South India is not good. They should learn from North Indians

Like really! Sambhar is not good in South India? Makes me wonder about the ‘sambhar’ you have been having!


We went to the animal sanctuary and did not see any animals, this sanctuary is a sham!

Well maybe this is THE encounter you deserve 🙂


Why would girls want to go to Thailand. People go there only for ‘one thing’.

Considering Indian men go to Thailand in throves I am now questioning your morality. Also folks in Thailand definitely don’t have ‘only one thing’ on their mind, it is mostly the folks who go there who need education on a knowing more than ‘one thing’.


There is nothing to see at Niagara Falls except lots of water!

Well, I can’t even…..


This place should have a swimming pool! (Insert place with water shortage)

Well you traveled all the way to Rajasthan for a swimming pool? Makes me wonder about your priorities and what you learnt in geography!


There are no malls here, it is so boring!

I heard this comment in all places in GOA from a guy from a North Indian city, I don’t want to perpetuate stereotypes so won’t mention where he was from!

Yeah…let’s leave the beaches, the coconut fronds, the amazing food and shacks and go searching for MALLS!


Will we get Indian food there in (insert foreign country)?

I can understand old folks or people with specific dietary restrictions. But when groups as a default, pride themselves in taking sometimes even a cook so that they do not have to take part in any bit of the other country’s culture.

To be kindly noted, I am a tourist too when I am traveling. I do not consider myself better than anyone or anything (or so I think).

Featured image credits Pixabay.

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