Why Siana Is A Slice Of Old World Charm You Need In Rajasthan

This article has been running on my mind since we came back from Rajasthan last December. It has been a year since but the earthy smell, the golden mustard fields can’t be done justice to if just written in superlatives. I am still scared if my words can do justice to the feeling, the taste, the conversation or the history that enveloped us in Siana.

We reached Siana Adventure Camp towards the end of our Rajasthan road trip. We had started from Jaisalmer through the desert roads, took a break at Balmer and had the yummiest food ever with a simple dish of sev and tomato and bhakri. Another couple of hours on the road took us through rural Rajasthan to arrive at these huge gates in a village. The gates led up to a haveli and behind the haveli, there were stone cottages. We were welcomed by the owners of Siana Adventure camp who are the erstwhile Thakur’s of the village and trace their ancestry to the royal family.

After an action-packed and on the go sort of a trip across Rajasthan it was welcoming to relax with good home food and stories that spanned eras. I believe their hospitality made all the difference to our trip because we didn’t go on the night safari or camping or horse riding that they offer. We chose to relax and walk through the yellow mustard fields and photograph parrots and peacocks as they perched on trees and troubled the horses in the stable.

In the evening we sat around a bonfire in the garden with their Great Dane for company and had some amazing starters and conversations that spanned from Rajasthani history, women who have broken barriers, sports, tourism and everything else that a group of strangers who have just met can converse about. We later sat around looking at the starlit night as we got a good view of the stars with such little light pollution in the village.

Next day morning we ate breakfast in the garden and I am quite embarrased considering how much food I wolfed down as the food was made with fresh ingredients straight from the farm with a flavour that you can find only in an Indian village. We later went on a tour of Siana and the jungle and the mountains nearby with the owner himself. Wherever the jeep went it was interesting to note how the villagers offered salutations, it gave a very surreal feeling even though I knew that the reverence is for the Thakur and not really for us but well borrowed moments. We also gave lifts to a few school children on their way to school and I could observe the ease of local interactions and a very old school way of life.

Siana was a much needed break towards the end of our Rajasthan sojourn before we embarked towards Ahmedabad. If you are planning a trip to Gujrat or Rajasthan and old world charm and Indian villages and way of life interest you then I would recommend checking Siana out.


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