Can You Really See Tigers In Ranthambore? The Tiger Trail

Is that a question you have had? Ranthambore remains the best safari for tiger tracking. However if you are someone who goes to a national park and insists that they see animals then please watch Animal Planet at home. Ranthambore doesn’t disappoint as our three-day sojourn into the dry arid forest which had shed its leaves got us up close and real with the rulers of the land, the majestic Indian tigers. These stripped beasts rule the land they own and protect it furiously. It is amazing to see the daily dance of nature as the other animals move around in circles to avoid the tiger’s path.

The Ranthambore forest has many hues and has forts and hunting palaces inside the national park where the Tigers have now taken up residence. We saw close to 6 tigers on this trip but it was hard work. We started our day at dawn break and stayed inside the forest and covered different quadrants that are opened to tourists depending on various factors and the most important being the well being of the tiger. We went on this trip in March and most of the leaves had been shed and hence the tigers where more susceptible to be spotted and then there were the stars like Arrow who did not care who was in her path as she knew she ruled the forest and no other tiger was a match to her.

The stories are so many as the animals danced their daily routine as we continued as mere spectators. We even witnessed Arrow’s hunting routine as she hid in the kush grass and spelled the end of a deer’s life. I am mesmerized for life, here is a photo essay from Ranthambore.

The Forest

Driving through the dusty forest
A Sambar drinks water as a tiger sleeps nearby
The oasis in Ranthambore where life revolves central to this lake. The area is controlled by the strongest tiger currently the area belongs to Arrow.
Watering holes created by the forest officials to tide over the hot and dry summer months
A parrot sips water from a tap
The forest is ablaze with Palash flowers also known as the Flame of the forest
A greedy Tree Pie begs for food
The beautiful and vibrant Palash flowers. These flowers were the original ingredients of gulal made during the festival of Holi.

The Tiger

Arrow saunters towards her favorite hunting grounds
Arrow walks out of her hiding place
Pugmarks of a tiger
Watching the tiger mesmerized

The Stay at Machili

Machili Resort or Home stay
Some bonfire and stories about tigers kept us company all night

The Fort

The fort with so many stories of Rajputana valour
A shrine in the fort
The climb to the fort
A masjid inside the fort
One of the gates to the national park
Monkey business at the fort
Passages and fortification of Indian history.

This tour was organized by One Life To Travel.

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