What Is Your Comfort Bar Food, Take A Look At The Comfort Food From Around The World

With our current work life and corporate pressures, weekends are when people like to let their hair down go dancing, meet up with friends, make new friends and well whatever else rocks their boat. Most comfort bar food around the world is usually modeled on the comfort food in their country.

The American Classic

Mac and Cheese

Though America has influences from across the world when it comes to food, this dish is a bar staple and also one of my favorites. It is a simple and rich dish but then again that just describes comfort food!

Adobo From The Philipines

Pork Adobo

This is another simple dish which is an ultimate comfort food. It is quite versatile and something most Philipinnos will swear by.

The English Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Possibly the idea of bar food started from the UK and beer battered fish and chips have now transcended countries! Well the English did go and conquer half of the world so it is little wonder that we have this dish as a staple across countries but in different variations and tweaks.

Jerk Chicken From The Caribbean

Jerk Chicken with Red beans and Rice

This dish from the Carribean is comfort food that I dont mind being served to me at any day any time and it need not be at a bar! It can be a beach shack, a forest reserve or any place you can fathom! Doesn’t it look yum.

What Is Indian Bar Food?

Indians have been drinking since Apsaras were a regular occurrence! But what is bar food or comfort food for Indians? This question was answered by Big Pitcher during their new menu tasting which was created keeping Indian sensitivities and tastes in mind.

Though we can wolf down a burger, know the various kinds of pasta and know how to pronounce jalapeno now, we remain desi at heart so when we are out partying or just having fun what we crave is familiar Indian tastes that we can sink our teeth into. And why shouldn’t we? When the comfort food for Americans is Mac and cheese for the British is beer battered fish and chips it goes to reason that a murgh sholay is what an Indian would like!

The photos below are of just some of the dishes I really liked from the new menu though there were many others that haven’t been featured here, if you want to check them out, I suggest you go to Big Pitcher this coming weekend! I really enjoyed the drinks and the play on the tastes so I can definitely recommend these to you.

There was Namma uru ragi pizza with shallots as topping, malai mutton chops, aromatic infused whiskey, a range of beer which you can try with the sampler, murgh sholay, spicy cilantro paneer and a range of Indian and chocolate dessert options.

Malai Mutton Chops as appetizers
Murgh Sholay for a fiery evening
Prawns Indian style
A pizza with an Indian twist made with ragi and topped with shallots


Decadent Naked dark fantasy cake. dig in to. This is just so pretty and cake has been in India for so long so I am making this one exception.


Nothing more Indian and local than Mysore Pak
Whiplash a whiskey concoction with aromatic infusions

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