About this Traveler


I have never been rooted to any place though I have strong roots. I have lived and loved in many cities in India and across the ocean. I started this blog to pen down my memories of some amazing people and experiences I  have had while travelling. I started writing for other magazines and publications online and the blog  evolved to include more of me and my ideas.

I am a mother of a young boy and this defines me in a lot of ways. I worked as a marketing professional and traveled across India. I quit my full time job sometime back to travel across the seas with my husband and it has been a whirlwind ever since.

Now we are back in India and we have settled as much as dust settles in a place, waiting for the next wind to take us to new places. I reinvent myself every time and that allows me to learn and explore.

Sometimes when you travel to a new place, see famous monuments and artifacts it is the subliminal that stays with you and forms a memory like a street musician in a corner or the colors of a mosaic. It is these subliminal images and ideas that I carry with me which I am trying to bring to you.



12 thoughts on “About this Traveler

    1. Sure. What do you want to know? For one, the best restaurants in Bangalore are in Indira nagar and Koramangala area. But Bangalore is a sprawling city with lots of lakes and parks and its share of traffic woes. It has a well developed bus system that covers the entire city and authorized call taxis such as Meru, Uber, Mega cabs and Taxi for sure along with autorickshaws.


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