Have you heard of the Bid Wars in Kerala?

Every time the train crossed over to my home state from the Tamil Nadu or Karnataka border a thrill ran down my spine. After some umpteen train journeys we undertook every vacation to God’s Own Country I could distinguish the different states by looking at the landscapes outside the train window. While Andhra Pradesh had dramatic large rock formations and boulders, Tamil Nadu was easily recognized by its palm trees and then as soon as the train crossed over to Kerala it was an avalanche of coconut trees, lush greenery and tiled roof double storied houses with large compounds.

After the advent of the Konkan Railways the train journey itself was something to look forward to with the picturesque route the train took through deep valleys, water falls and sea shores. Kerala itself has a wide range of landscapes from the hilly regions in Malabar, to the tea gardens of Munnar, Coffee plantations in Wayanad, back waters and what not. Recently we also did a road trip along the length of the state and a food trip to my home town of Calicut which is known for its unique Mopla cuisine and hospitality. But we still are a bit restless because there are still some experiences that we yearn for like camping in the Silent Valley to staying over night in a house boat.

The Kerala Tourism department has launched an online bidding game offering holiday packages to the state at virtually no cost.The bid, aimed at domestic travellers, is organised as part of the ‘Visit Kerala 2015’ campaign.

Bid Wars Logo
For example:

A person ‘X’ bids for a package worth Rs. 20,000 with Rs. 10. The package will be awarded to him if no other bid is made which is less than or equal to Rs. 10. An Android based application has also being developed which will allow the Kerala Tourism Facebook fans to bid for packages right from their mobile devices.

Here are the links for you to check out:

For more details check out these links. Considering that this is the best time of the year to visit Kerala, get those bags out and start bidding.