Things I have Lost While Traveling

This article which is a result of me losing many things while shifting and packing and suffering some minor heart breaks. It was featured on Pink Pangea which is an international magazine for women travelers. Read on….

Traveling requires that you carry a small part of yourself in your bag. Your clothes, your toothbrush, comb, favorite sweater, that cute pair of earrings, shoes and the list can go on. If you are a man maybe you might have a shorter list and if you a traveling family like mine then that list would include your baby’s favorite toy, night time story book, diapers, sippy cup and whole lot of other things that you can fit inside the airline mandated 22 kgs.

These lists of things hold more meaning when you are shifting between cities or countries after having lived there for a while. You will be hard pressed to decide what you should take and what you should leave behind unless you are wealthy enough to ship your stuff back and forth every time. It is the nature of the capitalistic human to collect things in whatever space we occupy. The amount of the things collected only come to light when it is time to move again. Read more….