The Best Time to Introduce your Child to the Outdoors? It is Now!

This article is part of the series I wrote on Women’s Web for Plantation Trails Tata Coffee after enjoying a rather pleasant stay at the plantation bungalow in Coorg.

A stark difference between the housing societies of a decade earlier, and the colonies of today is the number of children playing outside. One might see children going to tennis classes, dance classes and even the gym, but it is becoming a rare sight to see a kid play using his or her imagination and free will. The merits of unstructured play over structured play have been debated a number of times and there are parents in both camps, but as a new parent, I hope that more kids are encouraged to play outdoors and just be themselves.

Travel is a great way to introduce a child to the outdoors. In my experience, the earlier you introduce travel to a child, the easier journeys become as they grow older. When children travel to new places, they learn that the world is a very diverse place, and not limited to the world they see around themselves.  Read further

Coorg: A Haven for the Novice Bird Watcher

This post has been written for Tata Coffee Plantations, Coorg and has been published on Staying at the plantation was a very relaxing experience and led me understand and appreciate life away from the city. This is the first article about the trip to  Plantation Trails, that I am writing for Women’s Web.

I am a person who runs to the hills whenever life starts feeling too stressful for me. Coorg is one such destination that seems to have formed some sort of a bond with me which keeps beckoning me over and over again. We were invited by Plantation Trails, Tata Coffee to experience nature in its purest form at their heritage plantation bungalows.  To the hills in Coorg which are clothed in coffee and peppered with other spices.

We are not avid bird watchers but when you are surrounded by nature it becomes imperative that you make an effort to learn about it. It is said that bird watching is the theatre of nature. One of the experiences you can have at Plantation Trails is their well organised bird watching tour. This tour is typically done soon after sunrise to increase the chances of spotting a greater number of birds. Coorg has a very rich bio diversity, owing to the forests as well large plantations interspersed with many trees. These have become bio-buffers and also highlights the deep relation Coorg has with nature. Out of the 2060 species of birds found in India, 25% are found in Coorg.

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